Once upon time...

Finally, our story begins. I introduce myself, my name is Damiano and I am the founder of Sikelìa, a new reality that aims to offer unforgettable travel experiences in my beautiful land, Sicily.

Nowadays, many tourists come to Sicily for a variety of reasons. But what is it that remains imprinted in their minds at the end of the holiday? The food is certainly the first thought that would come to my mind. In fact, being myself a student away from home (I study in Milan), every time I come back from the holidays, a tear drops on my face thinking that I will have to wait a few months to eat an arancino again.
Sikelìa will ensure you a unique and unforgettable experience that will make you drop a tear when you are on the return flight.

The idea

With Sikelìa do not book a simple trip, but a real innovative holiday. Choose your destination in Sicily and book the accommodation that most appeals to you.
At this point, you are wondering:
“That’s it?”, “What is it that Sikelìa offers more than the endless travel solutions on the web?”, or “Why should I choose Sikelìa to come and visit Sicily?”.

You’re right, but I didn”t told you everything yet.
Let’s start by listing the first advantages you will have when booking our apartments:

  • First of all, you can make a reservation request without paying anything;
  • secondly, our apartments are carefully selected by our team and meet the highest quality standards (in terms of cleaning, furniture and services of any kind);
  • third point, the keyword of our apartments is “welcome“, and you can see it from the moment you step into the entrance.

Experience an immersive travel experience. Discover Sicily!

discover sicily

Curiosity and Information

What is the story of your next destination?
What are the main attractions nearby?
What about curiosities?
Thanks to DiscoverSicily you will find all the answers to these questions and many other information.


Only in our apartments you will find different coupons. Just use them to receive discounts and promotions in the best cafes and restaurants in the nearby. In short, eat well and save money.

Main events

You will be updated on upcoming events that will take place in the nearby during the period you will be in Sicily.

That's an example of what you will find in our apartments

Our story has just begun. Will you be part of it?