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10 best places eastern sicily

SikeBlog is back to talk about the 10 best places of eastern Sicily (the coast overlooking the Ionian Sea, the most influenced side by the Greek domination) that you can not miss during your holiday in this island. In doing so, we thought about a daily journey (I know, it’s impossible to visit all these places in 24 hours, but we use our imagination to make it possible). Enjoy the reading.


madonna della lettera a messina

Wake up at 6 am. It’s still a bit cold. So, I take my jacket and backpack and I’m ready to start this adventure. The first thing to do is the most important: breakfast!

A granita with brioche (typical sicilian breakfast) always keeps me in a good mood. Better, if I am in front of the Pilone di Torre Faro, looking at Calabria very close but beyond the sea.

Ok! Once I had breakfast I’m ready to start my adventure. I move south through the first city, Messina, where among the many places to see I quote my favorites: the Duomo and the Madonna della Lettera.


bar vitelli a savoca del film il padrino

Continuing south I arrive to Savoca, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, that you probably know thanks to the famous Bar Vitelli where some scenes of the movie “Il Padrino” were shot. I prefer to remember it also for its characteristic streets and for its panoramic view, from which you can see the entire Ionian coast.

Let’s walk to the church of St. Nicholas, among the many prickly pears. Then, let’s take a break, with a refreshing lemon granita with the “zuccarata” (typical biscuit in Messina).


taormina isola bella

It’s 9 o’clock and I’ve already eaten two granitas, so,, it’s better if I get back on the road. Another place to visit is Taormina, named the pearl of the Ionian. If you want, I will talk more in detail in this article ➡ DISCOVER TAORMINA.

Every time I go to Taormina I used to walk on Corso Umberto, from Porta Messina (north entrance) to Porta Catania (south entrance). At the beginning of the street it is possible to get to the Ancient Greek Theater, nice to visit both day and night (maybe while attending one of the many concerts or events).

I continue to walk looking at the shop windows until I arrive at Piazza IX Aprile, also called the Belvedere just for the beautiful view from its panoramic terrace.

If you come on summer you can not miss Isola Bella, a beautiful islet on the sea. You can get there by taking the cable car or going down the stairs that border Monte Tauro, from Pirandello Street, where you can also admire the natural landscape and take a suggestive souvenir photo (like the one above).

If instead you come when it’s colder, my advice is to visit another characteristic sicilian village, Castelmola, which boasts a breathtaking rooftop terrace and one of the bars most loved by women, Bar Turrisi (go and visit it, even for simple curiosity, You will not regret it).

Gole dell'Alcantara

gole dell'alcantara

I leave the magical atmosphere of Taormina and, passing through the seafront of Giardini Naxos, I go to another wonderful destination. The Gole dell’Alcantara is a natural spectacle, every time I am at a loss for words.

I suggest you to visit it preferably in the summer, so you can make the path of the river (the temperature of the water is really frozen) by entering the gorge.



If you come to Sicily, you can not miss Etna. The volcano is always a recommended destination for those coming to Sicily, both in summer and winter.

It is 12 am when, passing through the beautiful village of Zafferana Etnea, I arrive at Rifugio Sapienza, located on the southern side of the volcano. I walk towards the Crateri Silvestri, contemplating the stunning landscape right in front of me.

After relax, Let’s get back on the road!

Next stop: Catania. Let’s go there passing through Nicolosi, another beautiful village on the slopes of Mount Etna, known above all for its delicious restaurants and its nightlife.


duomo di catania

I arrive in Catania at 1.30 am, just for lunch time. I decide to eat a sandwich with horse meatballs (typical in the city) and the best place is Plebiscito Street.

After lunch, it’s time to visit the city. The first stop is Villa Bellini, one of the oldest gardens in Catania. Here, I walk through the streets of the park, taking pictures of the beautiful sculptures inside. I continue the trip walking along Via Etnea, the main street of the historic center of Catania, passing through Piazza Stesicoro and Piazza Università up to the famous Elephant Fountain, the symbol of the city. In front of the fountain you can appreciate the view of the Cathedral of St. Agata.



The island of Ortigia is the ancient part of the city of Syracuse.

At 3 pm I start walking through the streets of the island. Usually, when I visit Ortigia, I use to roam through the characteristic streets, discovering the hidden places of the island.

Among the things to see you cannot miss the Temple of Apollo, the Fountain of Diana and the Fountain of Arethusa but my favourite is the square with the Cathedral of Syracuse, UNESCO heritage site.

Once I am in front of the Fonte Aretusa, the heart of Ortigia, I continue to walk along the beautiful seafront, full of local restaurants.

And last but not least, you can not miss to visit the Archaeological Park Neapolis of Syracuse, one of the most important archaeological areas of Sicily, where you can find the famous Ear of Dionysius and the Greek Theater.


cattedrale di noto

I continue my journey southwards. It is 5 pm when I arrive to Noto, the “Capital of the Baroque”.

I start going into Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the main street of the city, passing under the Porta Reale. I walk around, watching the souvenir shops, the Baroque palaces, among the smell of fried fish and the most important monuments of the city: the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, the Fountain of Hercules and the Church of St. Chiara which has a beautiful panoramic terrace from which you can see all the city.



I continue my journey to the south, when I find myself in a quaint seaside village, Marzamemi.

I decide to sniffing around, through the shops and restaurants that create the picturesque scenery of this fishing village. After a while, I find myself in an open space, Piazza Regina Margherita, where I am astonished by a tavern that, with its tables and chairs, paint the background in white and blue.

Because of the time (6 pm), I decide to go to the Isola delle Correnti to appreciate the sunset. This is the most southern point of Sicily, where the Ionian Sea meets the Mediterranean Sea creating a magical atmosphere.


modica torre dell'orologio

My adventure comes to an end. I saw the most beautiful places of eastern Sicily tasting the typical food.

However, I would like to have a last stop, the icing on the cake of this wonderful experience. This time I move westwards, in the province of Ragusa, headed to the beautiful city of Modica.

The first thing to see is the famous Dome of St. George, one of the symbols of the Sicilian Baroque. Then, I walk down the steps from the Cathedral to Corso Umberto I, the main street of the city, arriving just in front of another important monument, the church of St. Peter. Right here, I can see a small shop that sells the typical chocolate of Modica, with many flavors: orange, pistachio, hazelnut, marsala, salty, chili and others. So, I take this opportunity to buy as much as possible.

Moreover, I suggest you to visit the Clock Tower and the house where the poet Salvatore Quasimodo was born. 

And last but not least, I recommend you to visit Modica sniffing around the many streets of the city taking care not to lose yourself in the beauty of this enchanting maze.


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